The Significance Of Yoga In The Modern World

The Significance Of Yoga In The Modern World

The word yoga is not unfamiliar to us. Compared to the olden days, today people are more aware of the benefits they can gain through yoga practices. To make aware of the benefits, every year, 21 st June is celebrated as International Yoga day in India.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a part of India’s culture. In modern days many people practice yogasanas as part of their weight loss journey or related to some physical ailments. But in reality, is this all about only exercises and breathing? Before we receive something as our lifestyle, it is necessary to understand it more deeply, so that it can be implemented as a catalyst for your inward growth process.

Yoga is not only about doing several exercises and losing weight and then gaining an attractive physique. Yes, of course, this ancient technique can offer you a healthy body and appearance, but more than that, yoga always focuses on the inner growth of a person. Healing your body through understanding your mind is the key to yoga.

The Significance Of Yoga In The Modern World

History of yoga

The history of yoga begins from the early stages of civilization. To ensure this, several fossils have been found by archaeologists that represent yogic postures as evidence. There are mentions of the word ‘yoga’ in ancient texts like Rigveda which means union. Lord Siva is considered as the first yogi and it is believed that, from him, the knowledge was spread to his disciples.

Yoga in Ancient times vs Morden times

In ancient times, people were more connected with nature and the surroundings close to them.  During that time, this kind of practice had an in-depth aim and that is to unite the body and mind and maintain balance. You can only heal the body through a calm mind. If we consider the spiritual aspect, intense yogic practices were structured to find out the essence and aim of life. They taught the experience of unanimity between the body, mind, and universe.

But, if we come forward to the modern world, there are a lot of differences in the lifestyles, and ways of thought of a common man. To cope with such a scenario, yogic practices have gone through modifications and today it is available on both virtual and actual platforms.

It has been shrunk into more of a physical aspect that includes exercises to get rid of physical ailments.

The postures in yoga are called as asanas. Surya Namaskara, Thrikonasana, Balasana, Uthkatasana etc are some common postures. One should practice the asanas regularly under proper guidance to reap the complete health benefits.